"Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed." Proverbs 19:17

The School

Our goal is to build a new school for the orphans of Ngombe that will transform the lives of thousands who never dreamed of escaping the dark and desperate reality of the world that they live in today.  


Each year, approximately 2,600 children receive sponsorship to attend a Legacy Academy through the Father’s Heart program.  As a result, more and more children are entering one of the 18 primary schools. As a top-tier educator, Family Legacy will not sacrifice the quality of education the children receive, so the need for more schools, space and teachers is critical.


The need to build high schools and grow the existing primary school facilities is immediate.  The schools will provide tools necessary to give these children the greatest advantage, equipping them to be the future leaders who will change this nation.


Our fund raising campaign (Nikukonda! Ngombe!) has been specifically established to build a new school, a Legacy Academy, for the orphans that reside in the Ngombe compound. 


The existing school is a rented facility that was an old bar and brothel.  The building is reaching capacity and is in need of additional repairs.  Our goal is to build a new school that will accommodate 100's of more children with larger classrooms, a library, computer lab, school lunch facility and much more.  Our giant prayer is that by God's grace this new school would start a revival in the hearts of each Ngombe orphan, the Ngombe compound, the capital city Lusaka and the country Zambia.  It would be a beacon of hope and a future for all the orphans of Ngombe -- the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of a "better life."


To kick off the campaign, our family has committed a $250,000 matching grant to construct the new school.  For ever dollar donated, we will match, up to $250,000.  We trust that God will provide the resources to complete this project and we will soon be breaking ground on the new school.  Our dream is to return to Zambia next summer and share with our Ngombe children the excitement of a new school. 


If you would like to help us fulfill the orphans dreams of a better life and support our campaign to build a new school, please donate here: Hinds Family - Ngombe Legacy Academy


"I Love You! Ngombe!"